Welcome to the page where I get to ask for stuff! xD

First off, I’m in desperate need of a pokesaver and also a cloner to help out on the site.

I need to clone because pokemon I have up for trade are dear to me, and I know your pokes are probably dear to you as well! That’s why If I’m cloning mine, I’ll do my best to get yours cloned too 😉

I need a pokesaver because it’s pretty darn hard to make decent events without one. I do not want to pokesav normal pokes or shiny ones to trade to other people.

If anyone is interested in helping me out and having some good fun along the way, please let me know!

Now for the pokemon I’m currently seeking!

Well, I really want a shiny growlithe at the moment, I collect shiny water and ice type pokes, and I’m always after shiny UT eevees, so I’ll be especially likely to trade you some of my really rare pokes for these!


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