TRADE BOX: Pokesale!

There are a number of random pokes clogging up my PC storage system, but I don’t want to just release them! If anyone would like one, please leave a comment.

These guys will be traded for any spare heart scales, TMs, Elemental stones, Vitamins or nuggets and other items which can be sold for a decent amount in the pokemart 😉

Ampharos lv. 36

Togekiss lv. 53

Raichu lv. 37

Hippopotas lv. 1

Ralts lv. 1

Unknown (A) lv. 18

Gengar lv. 54

Ampharos lv. 38

Aggron lv. 45

Alakazam lv. 100

Hypno lv. 30

Please help me give these guys good homes!


One Response to “TRADE BOX: Pokesale!”

  1. soronrocket Says:

    Just leave a comment saying what you would like 😉

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